Noddy's Resources

I've spent years helping new and old, skilled and unskilled, newbie and veteran alike. In doing so, sometimes with the help of great friends, I've amassed a pretty decent trove of useful, helpful sites, books, tools and toys. Perhaps this can help you, or someone you know.

So, without further ado:

Blogs / People to Follow

Links on the blogs, people, and the communities you should keep up with as a webdev.

Frameworks I Recommend

Completely non scientific listing of the things people from #reddit-webdesign actually use.

Very Useful™ Sites

Sites, bookmarklets, tools, resources, and repos.

Useful Books & Hardcopy Resources

Useful Books & Hardcopy Resources

General FAQ

Where can I hire a [...]?

I want to be a better designer, where do I start?

Practice, practice, practice. You don't get better wishing you were better.

Where can I go to learn [...]?


New CSS3 properties


Blogs / People to Follow

Some of these are great, some of these are not so great. All of them produce stellar content every once in a while and are great places to keep an eye on for the latest and greatest in Web 4.0 internet machine technology.

Blogs to Follow

  1. Jeff Atwood
  2. Armin Ronacher (Python Centric)
  3. Signal vs. Noise (37signals)
  4. Alistapart
  5. UX Magazine

Web Development / Design Communities

Frameworks I Recommend

Be aware this is not a scientific listing of any sort, frameworks are sorted by personal experience / opinion, popularity, and usefulness. Usually in that order.


  1. Pure
  2. Susy
  3. Foundation
  4. Bootstrap
  5. Bourbon / Bourbon Neat


  1. Angular
  2. Inferno (or React)


  1. Django
  2. Flask
  3. Bottle


  1. Laravel
  2. FuelPHP
  3. Symfony

Very Useful™ Sites

Design Theory


Live Code Editors

JS Bookmarklets

Bookmarklet Description
* DOM Monster // Examines DOM for errors, efficiency, and size
* Edit Page // Makes all text on a page editable
* Font Dragr // Test fonts in-browser
* Kern.js // Kern text with your mouse
* Live.js // Detects changes in HTML / CSS and refreshes your site automatically.
* Min // Eliminates all styling on a page to examine balance / layout.
* Prettify // Replaces keyboard shorthand ("", '', --, and ---) with proper Unicode characters (“”, ‘’, –, and —).
* WhatFont // Immediately find out what fonts are being used on a page.


UI / UX Inspiration


Tool Description
* // Load testing
* Browserlab // Automated Browser testing
* Colllor // Palette generator
* Hailpixel Color // Pallette Picker
* Color Code // Advanced Pallete Generator
* CSS3 Generator // CSS3 Gradient Generator
* // Feedback tool
* Mixpanel // User data, analytics
* Screenfly // Test your website at different resolutions.
* Support Details // "Alright, what OS and Browser are you using?"
* Tinypng // PNG Compression tool
* WebDev Checklist // Production benchmarking checklist
* Retinajs // Retina Graphics


Patterns / Textures

Stock Photography

Lists of Lists of Lists of Collections of Lists

Online Education Websites

Useful Books and Hardcopy Resources